Hot, hot, hot!

I’m like a broken bloody record. Still locked down. BoJo is on the telly later but I can’t see him changing much.

I’ve actually had a pretty good week motivation wise. I wanted to do three runs this week and three I did. After my long run last Sunday, I took a couple of days off to rest my legs. Finished work on Tuesday I set out for a 5k. Maaaaan it was hot. Boiling. And then some roadworkers were right on the path I was running down. So I couldn’t walk because that’s the law…. my time was fairly good for me but I was so sweaty it wasn’t fun!

This week I have started my lovely friend Lyndas mile a day charity fundraiser. If I haven’t ran I have got out for a walk. Today has been wet, cold and windy but I had to get out to post a mini pack for Emily’s Star, a local charity I volunteer for. When a request for a pack for a 3lb, 4lb or 5lb baby comes in, we are sent off to post it out. This means that if any of the volunteers are isolated due to coronavirus, the packs will still go out. A request for a 3lb baby girl arrived this morning so off I went to the post box to send this lovely set of tiny clothes on its way

I carried on to get my mile in but was glad to get home! Brrr chilly!

Thursday I got home from work and got myself ready to go for a run. It was really warm and sadly my stomach wasn’t playing fair with me. I changed the route I was planning but I really struggled. I felt hot and panicky for the first half of the run.

At the end of the second mile I made another route change and I felt much better as I purposely stuck to shady areas with tree cover. I stopped for a moment to appreciate the wild flowers growing at the side of an estate.

Friday brought a bank holiday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day. Lots of people hosted their own front garden parties and on our evening walk it was lovely to see people enjoying the beautiful weather, with their decorations up and chatting to people as they passed.

As the weekend drew nearer I had to make the decision on my long run. Sunday was due to be cooler than Saturday but going Saturday would then give me Sunday off before work on Monday. Saturday run won and I planned to leave early. Now, as regular readers will remember, I suffer from IBS and need to give time to eat and settle before a run. The day was due to be hot and I wanted to be out by 7.30 to beat the heat. This means I need to be up at 5.30. Zzzzz. Best laid plans and all that. I eventually set off at 7.45. I had toyed with a couple of routes but eventually settled on a bit of a lake tour!

Lodge lake looking lovely

Surprisingly my first 5k felt pretty comfortable. My pace was slow and I had a good podcast going on which kept me smiling. There were lots of people about but most were smiley and friendly. As I hit teardrops lakes I stopped for a drink and to take in the lakes, looking calm and peaceful in the early sunshine

After teardrops I came to furzton lake. It’s a real hotspot for exercise having lots of housing estates all around it and so I chose not to go round the lake but skirt it and pick up Tattenhoe valley park

Furzton in the sunshine.

It was lovely running through tattenhoe park as lots of it is under trees and so much cooler. It’s also a route we often do on Sunday step up and also with Darias Westside 10k run which I’m really missing.

Stepping stones.

A quick stop to look at the map on my phone and I veered off into Emerson valley. I knew this was uphill and I walked a fair bit up the hills whilst looking at my map. I recognised some bits and then I took a wrong turning. Sigh. I trundled along for a bit trying to get my bearings. I should have been heading for Shenley wood but found myself veering off and nowhere near to pick the route back up. I re routed myself through Oxley park to pick to the north bucks way earlier than planned. I came to a massive hill and was about to walk up it when a lady on a bike with a trailer started coming down. Oh no, I would have to run (its the law). As I passed the lady near the top she said to me “well done you, keep going!” You wouldn’t believe what a boost this gave me! Once I got into the woods at least I knew where I was! It was lovely in the woods and I was enjoying trundling along at my own pace.

I came out of the woods knowing I had about half a mile to home and wasn’t quite at 9 miles. I was feeling pretty good so decided to carry on to get 10 miles. I was so pleased with my distance and I didn’t feel horrendous. Tired, yes. But really positive!

So a good 17 miles completed this week and I’m feeling really positive about my running at the moment. I can’t help but think of where I would be on my race to the stones journey right now. But it can’t be helped. Keeping my running up will hopefully mean I’m in a good position when we are able to restart events.

As I write this BoJo has just been on. No huge changes except that you can exercise outside as much as you like from this week and you can drive to somewhere to exercise. Please follow the rules, I’m begging you.

Stay safe everyone. I miss everyone so much and just want this all over.

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